Launch Webinar

To celebrate the return of the challenge we hosted a free ‘behind-the-scenes’ webinar. The webinar is still available on-demand and is a must If you are looking to enter World Steak Challenge in 2021 or simply learn more about the steak industry!

Watch here

Popular questions ranging from the secrets of a gold medal-winning steak, to which breeds produce the best meat, and how and why favourite cuts are selected, were answered by a panel of esteemed judges, headed up by Richie Wilson, WSC’s long-standing judge and FIRE Steakhouse’s culinary director.

JN Meat International’s John ‘Sashi’ Nielsen, a two-time overall World Steak Challenge winner, was interviewed by our chair of judges Ioannis Grammernos, to reveal why his steaks helped him lift the supreme champion title twice, as well as what the double honour meant for him and his business.