Pietro Bossi, ADFlex
Pietro Bossi
Quality Manager

Pietro Bossi is a 33-year-old Food Technologist residing near Milan, Italy. His passion for meat influenced his choice to study food science and technology at university.

Back in 2008-2010, there was a lack of knowledge about meat culture in Italy. There were no Italian websites or reliable sources to obtain information on quality meat or barbecuing. In 2010, he purchased his first kettle grill and his passion has continued to grow since then. Despite facing numerous failures, he experimented with the limited information he could find. Fortunately, the barbecue culture has now developed in Italy, making it easier to access information and quality meat. He vividly recalls the struggle of finding a brisket in the early years.

During his university years, he further deepened his passion for the food industry and technology. Through a student association formed by a group of friends, he sought to explore interesting companies and educational opportunities that complemented our studies. In 2017, he graduated with a Master's degree in Food Science and Technology, where he promptly secured a position in a research and development team at a renowned pastry company.

After four intense years, he seized an opportunity to become a Quality Manager in the plastic industry. However, Pietro's passion for food, particularly meat, has led him to pursue participation in this year's World Steak Challenge.