Inge van der Helm, By Inge
Inge van der Helm
Food Writer
By Inge
Inge is a food writer in the broadest sense of the word. As editor-in-chief of several Dutch culinary magazines and freelance food writer, she has often looked over the shoulders of chefs and was regularly to be found behind the scenes at meat processing companies.

Thanks to her knowledge of meat, she has also supervised various projects for an international meat importer, from marketing activities to the photography of raw and prepared meat and describing the various cuts. Since April 2021, in addition to her freelance work, Inge joined Big Green Egg Europe as a copywriter.

In October 2022 she published the book From Nose to Tail - Pig, which Inge co-wrote with butcher and World Steak Challenge judge Gertjan Kiers. Meanwhile, they have just started writing the next book: From Nose to Tail - Beef.