Giovanni Zanchettin, Carnimex BV
Giovanni Zanchettin
Sales Manager
Carnimex BV

Giovanni is a 38-year-old Italian living in the Netherlands since 2016 with his wife and daughter. He describes himself as a true food enthusiast, with a deep passion for cooking and exploring different culinary experiences and cultures.

After completing his studies in Animal Production and working as a food inspector for several years, Giovanni found his calling in the meat industry, where he has been employed for the past eight years. His love for meat has grown exponentially during this time, leading him to delve into the intricacies of various cuts and cooking techniques.

Alongside his culinary pursuits, Giovanni has developed a keen interest in BBQ, enjoying grilling throughout the year regardless of the weather conditions. He thoroughly enjoys discussing food, especially meat, sharing anecdotes, and learning from others' experiences. In essence, Giovanni is driven by his passion, curiosity, and love for food, with a special appreciation for the human connection that lies behind every dish, ingredient, or cut of meat.