Nigel Armstrong, CatalineRe
Nigel Armstrong
Commercial Director

Nigel was raised in rural New Zealand with deep connections to the beef and lamb production industry. His father managed the largest abattoir globally at the time, processing 1,000 head of beef and 15-20,000 lambs daily. During his university breaks, Nigel worked in both the beef and lamb processing chains, honing his fundamental butchery skills. His passion for beef breeding, especially Angus cattle, was sparked by his close ties to a friend's family who owned an Angus Stud in New Zealand, where he spent a significant amount of time.

Presently, Nigel's focus has shifted towards cooking. He enjoys the art of 'low and slow' smoking various types of meat and has gained experience in pit houses at renowned BBQ establishments in the Southern United States, particularly in and around Austin, Texas.