Richard Sanders, Classic Fine Foods
Richard Sanders
Group Meat Category Manager
Classic Fine Foods

Born and bred in rural New Zealand, Richard learnt the fine art of traditional butchery from the age of 15 which led to him running his own butchery and deli by the age of 20.

In 2003, he won the New Zealand Butcher of the Year award. For seven years he worked in Papua New Guinea working in Food Development. Richard also spent several years working through the UK and Europe running butcheries, Farm Shops and the Mediterranean for Carnival Cruises, running the Meat & Seafood Management.

For the past seven years working as the Meat Specialist and Category Manager for Classic Fine Foods, he has been travelling the world searching for the best steak and working with the best chefs to get the steaks on their menus.

Richard is now a Lecturer at New Zealand Butchery and Chef School.