Gertjan Kiers, G&B Fish and Meat Yerseke
Gertjan Kiers
Head Catering Butcher & Meat Specialist
G&B Fish and Meat Yerseke

Gertjan has been a butcher all his life. He recently took up the role of head butcher at Driessen Food in Utrecht. Alongside that he teaches classes on leading chef training courses and makes meat videos for foodtube and youtube. He wrote the book 'The Meat Bible' and 'Nose to Tail' of which more than 25,000 copies have been sold. He also writes columns and recipes for, Meat Magazine, Fire and Food and Foodies magazine. Gertjan is also known from TV where he has worked on several different programmes. Gertjan has a fondness for Ireland and its meat. In his limited spare time, he participates in KCBS BBQ competitions throughout Europe.