Erlend Rohnebaek
Erlend Rohnebaek
Gjolstad Gard

My name is Erlend Røhnebæk, 57 years old, and have been farming for 35 years. The last 30 years beef have been our main business. We are situated 100 km north east of Oslo, in Kongsvinger. I am married with Guri, and have 3 grown up sons, where the oldest one now is joining the business. Guri is working full time at the farm, and is head of reproduction of the herd and quality control.

We manage a property with 220 ha of farm land, and 1000 ha forest. We grow oats, barley and grass for silage and pastures. We moved from purely plant production to beef in 1990. the main purpose was to create a work place for us as a couple. As a result of the undeveloped beef industry in Norway, I have contributed to the development through various engagements.

I was for several years in the board of TYR (Norwegian Beef Breeding Association) the last three years as chairman of the board. TYR is both a organisation of political interest, and the responsible organisation for the national breeding program for beef. I have also had , and still have, various engagements in the farmers unions and in the slaughter business.

My personal interests outside the farm is sports and cooking. I love to ski and run. But when I can prepare a tender steak for my family and friends I reach the peak of happiness. Preferably from a charcoal grill, accompanied by a good red wine.