Didier Robles Gutiérrez, La Esquina de Gijón
Didier Robles Gutiérrez
La Esquina de Gijón

Didier, alongside his wife Mócica, is a co-owner of a family-owned store specialising in aged meats, cheese, and exclusive high-quality products since 1955. He works as a trainer and tuner of aged beef and has been organising private tastings since 2014. Didier participated in the World Steak Challenge in London 2023 in collaboration with a meat company in the Ribeye section. He oversees the control and ageing of 4 steak cuts in his facilities for 60 days, achieving a Gold and Silver medal in two different categories. Known for his outgoing personality, Didier maintains a humble attitude towards continuous learning. He is described as methodical, professional, disciplined, and skilled in teamwork. Didier is self-taught, innovative, and diligent in his work.