Shimi Aaron, SEFARDI / Bala Baya Group
Shimi Aaron
SEFARDI / Bala Baya Group

Shimi Aaron is an Israeli-born chef who has experience working all around the world. Chef Shimi feels deeply connected to his roots and brings forth his Egyptian, Iraqi, and Yemeni heritage in his creations. Having been raised by three avid traditional cooks in the family's kitchen - his mother Shoshana, and his grandmothers, Allegra and Shulamit, he grew fascinated by food, spices, and bold flavors from a very young age.

Aaron has always seen food as an inclusive tool to bridge between cultures, religions, and personalities. His passion for sparking conversations, creating connections, and pushing the envelope with his extraordinary persona shines through with every element of his art form. He puts a modern twist on traditional dishes using distinctive colors, orthodox and unorthodox techniques that shed new light on his family's original recipes. Ultimately, his enriched culinary palette creates an unforgettable, unique experience.